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    Tetris Party (WiiWare)

    24. Oktober ist Release für Tetris

    HONOLULU ? Oct. 20, 2008 - Tetris Online, Inc. (www.tetrisonline.com) today announced the launch of Tetris® Party?the newest official game of Tetris?for Nintendo?s downloadable games service: WiiWare?. Tetris Party is now available via the Wii Shop Channel for 1200 Wii Points?.

    Tetris Party presents a new and active way for friends and families of all ages to enjoy playing Tetris together. The perfect answer for family game night, Tetris Party features 18 game modes and offers 10 never-before-seen single-player and multiplayer variations of Tetris, including modes that utilize the unique capabilities of the Wii Remote? and the Wii Balance Board?.

    Local multiplayer modes can support up to four players via one Wii? system, while the online Wi-Fi multiplayer mode can support up to six players simultaneously. Additionally, players can choose to play either competitively or cooperatively with one another.

    Tetris Party also features a unique gaming experience using the Wii Balance Board. Players can use the Wii Balance Board to control the Tetriminos to play Tetris in three different Balance Board modes: Marathon, Ultra and Computer Battle.

    ?Tetris Party introduces Tetris fun to an entirely new generation, while adding a dynamic new dimension to social gatherings for people of all levels of game-playing experience,? said Minoru Arakawa, president and chief executive officer of Tetris Online, Inc.

    According to Arakawa, who recently won a lifetime achievement award at the Interactive Achievement Awards® from the Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences®, ?The multigenerational appeal of Tetris Party is just one aspect of the game?s appeal: the multiplayer modes make it the perfect centerpiece for parties and family game nights around the world. In addition, the Wii Balance Board adds the aspect of movement and agility for those seeking to enrich the Tetris experience with physical action.?

    Tetris Party is immediately available in North America and Latin America and will be available October 24 in Europe and Australia.

    Tetris Party Features:

    Tetris Party Single Player Modes

    * Marathon ? The traditional game of Tetris. Here, the player competes purely for points across 15 levels of play, or turn on ENDLESS for the ultimate Tetris survival mode.

    * Computer Battle ? Challenge the computer to hone your Tetris skills. Adjust the difficulty settings to your personal preference, featuring 15 levels of difficulty in total.

    * Field Climber ? New! Using the Tetriminos, the player helps the ?climber? reach the goal located at the top of the Matrix. The climber is able to climb one row at a time and checkpoints are located along the way as you advance through the levels.

    * Shadow ? New! Using the Tetriminos, the player must match the silhouette in the Matrix. There are 30 unique and challenging puzzles to solve for the best completion percentage in the shortest time.

    * Stage Racer ? New! The player must race a single Tetrimino through beginner and advance courses for the fastest time.

    * Beginner?s Tetris ? New! The perfect mode for players who haven?t mastered Tetris in the past and would like to start out at a lighter pace. In this variant, the Tetriminos are larger, less intimidating and simply fun for all ages.

    * Wii Balance Board Tetris ? New! Use the Wii Balance Board to control the Tetriminos to play Tetris. There are three different Balance Board modes including Marathon, Ultra, and Computer Battle.

    Tetris Party Multiplayer Modes

    * VS Battle ? A traditional multiplayer game of Tetris featuring 10 special items that take advantage of the Wii Remote.

    * VS Field Climber ? New! Play against other players to see who can guide his or her climber to the goal first.

    * VS Hot Lines ? A popular rendition of Tetris where the goal is to clear the Hot Lines first (marked by glowing green areas in the Matrix).

    * VS Shadow ? New! Play against other players to see who can complete each puzzle first.

    * VS Stage Racer ? New! Race against other players to see who can complete each course first.

    * Co-op Tetris ? New! Two players share an extra-wide Matrix in a Marathon-style game. Clear communication and complete cooperation is key to success!

    * Duel Spaces ? New! Two players duel in an extra-wide Matrix to capture more space. This unique mode is a turn-based game, allowing users to strategize each move.

    * Online Battle ? Go online via Nintendo® Wi-Fi Connection to take on your friends using the Friend Battle mode, or take on the rest of the world using the World Battle mode. Players can locate other players, establish friend rooms, and compete with up to six players simultaneously.

    For more information on Tetris Party, please visit http://www.tetrisparty.com.

    Also was alles das spiel bietet ist echt hammer^^ Da ich eh wieder lust auf tetris habe kommt es gerade richtig.

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    Sorry wegen doppelpost

    Wollte amal wissen ob es welche schon haben und lust haben auf ein paar online spiele.

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    Ich habe es noch nicht, aber dieses Video was von Rawiioli ist, hat mir Lust auf das Game gemacht. Ich werde es mir wohl zulegen und dann natürlich auch online zocken. Das Game scheint ja jede menge Laune zu machen.

    @Gamecube fan 64
    Wegen deinen Doppelpost, der in meinen Augen keiner ist, also ich nehme deine Entschudigung an.

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    Spiel des Jahres!

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    Na ich denke mal das ich es mir auch herunterladen werde, aber nur wegen dem Online-Modus ^^
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    -> Mario Kart 7, Mario Tennis Open, Heroes of Ruin, Kid Icarus: Uprising, Briefkasten (freue mich stets über nette Brieffreunde)

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    Blöd nur, das ich nicht genug unkt ehabe, wobei 14€ für nen Tetrisspiel vlt. im ersten Moment nicht so billig klingen. Aber bei der Modizahl und den Möglichkeiten, die sie da reingepackt haben, kribbelts mir schon in den Fingern. Haben es denn mittlerweile noch mehr Leute, um über den Onlinemodus zu berichten?.

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