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redspotgames startet Promoaktion für Rush Rush Rally Racing

Der Münchner Publisher redspotgames startet pünktlich zum Release des hauseigenen WiiWare-Titels Rush Rush Rally Racing eine besondere Promoaktion. So erhält jeder Kunde im Onlineshop des Betriebs, den man unter diesem Link erreicht, ein kostenloses Poster zum Rennspiel. Zudem bekommt jeder 25. Besteller ein schickes Cap kostenlos, das alle Anderen auch für 50 Euro im Shop erstehen können.

Alle Details erklärt der Formula BMW Talent Cup-Rennfahrer Lassi Halminen in folgendem Video.

Lassi Halminen gained decent results in Spain and presented „Rush Rush Rally Racing“ cap and free poster

Munich, August 8th 2011

Event number 7 of the Formula BMW Talent Cup. It has been a hard and very hot weekend at the Monteblanco circuit in southern Spain. 40 degrees Celsius in the shadow without any clouds in sight hasn‘t been an exception but the daily routine. The asphalt even hit 68 degrees!

Still redspotgames sponsored driver Lassi Halminen from Finland kept cool and delivered some pretty decent results in both the Qualifying and „Heat“ sessions (a.k.a. the 4 short races).

After placing 2nd and 5th in the Qualifying session on Saturday, he started from these grid positions in heat 1 and 3. For heat 2 and 4, the first 6 drivers from the previous heats started in the reversed order to mix the grid up.

Even due to these reguations he managed to compete with the best drivers, placed 3rd, 4th twice and 6th in the last heat. This marks a good result compared to his starting positions and the hard battle for places with a few car contacts by others.

„Qualifying 1 was very good for me and I didn‘t need to drive more than one fast lap and I was second“, Lassi Halminen reported. „Qualifying 2 wasn‘t that good and I missed the best laps because of traffic and I was 5th. Heat 1 was quite good but I got overtaken on lap 2 in turn 6 so I finished 3rd. Heat 2 I finalized as 5th [4th after a penalty for another driver] and I had couple of very good and tight fights. Heat three I had even more hard fights and eventually I was able to rise from 5th to 4th and 3rd place wasn‘t far, just one more lap...“, he said with a big grin. „Heat 4 in the beginning of the heat I got stuck and dropped from 3rd to 6th. My tires were not in perfect shape any longer so the overtaking was very difficult, but all in all the whole weekend was quite good. One podium, and lot of more racing experience.“

In his video message from Monteblanco, Lassi Halminen also announced a new „Rush Rush Rally Racing for WiiWare“ poster which will be gave away for free to every order in the redspotgames online shop (www.redspotgames.com/shop) from now on. Besides, the 15-year-old was also very happy to present his first merchandise article with the official „Rush Rush Rally Racing“ cap he is wearing at each event. The quality cap by Flexfit is availbale at the redspotgames online shop for 50,00 EUR (US$ 72.00 / GBP 44,00). „To be honest it looks much better than the common caps around, since it‘s more stylish and uses a modern design with flexible spandex. It‘s very fashionable and I also wear in my spare time“ he comments. By the way: Every 25th order at the redspotgames online shop will even get it for free!

The video has been uploaded to redspotgames‘ YouTube account and can be watched at www.youtube.com/userredspotgames

The next station of the Formula BMW Talent Cup will be a training from 19th to 21st August 2011 in prestigious Silverstone, England. Here the participants will drive in a racing simulator (it can‘t get any harder than „Rush Rush Rally Racing“, can it?), guided by former WTCC and future DTM driver Andy Priaulx.

Furthermore, the race events in Portimão, Portugal (26th to 28th August) and the grand finale in Oschersleben, Germany (15th to 18th August) in the supporting program of the DTM („Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters“) will be the next steps.


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